property investor clinic is a Delhi NCR based web portal enables you to publish for Rent and Sale in huge range of property of type Industrial that is our main part and we also cover <commercial and residential property categories. Propertyinvestorclinic enables your property search faster and sharper.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are

A. We help homeowners make a well informed decision when choosing a Real Estate Agent to sell or rent their homes. We also post our properties.


We give you deep information about agents in your local area so you can shortlist and meet the ones you like. If you are unable to meet with them then click here.


We are started in 2000 with manual work and the past 12 months alone, we’ve helped almost 12,000 homeowners, in almost every NCR and near by locations. We are 12 passionate people in Delhi NCR. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to give us a call!


You can meet with the team click here.

Q. How does help?

A. Finding the right agent is difficult; they all claim to be the best and there’s so much more to it than finding the lowest commission rates. We dig deeper, sourcing written quotes from local agents. All quotes are written in the same format, making comparison simple. We uncover important information that agents might not otherwise share. You can view a sample quote here.


If you prefer, we can arrange the top 3 local agents to call you. Top agents are chosen based on their record of successful sales, and customer feedback from over 2,000 homeowners.

Q. How does make money?

A. When property is successfully sold or rented, the Real Estate Agent pays us a professional services fee called a ‘referral fee’. This is standard industry practice and identical for every agent, guaranteeing our independence.

Q. Does work in my area?

A. We have an NCR Based service and have worked with homeowners in just about every Locations belonging in Delhi NCR, in every location. We have a unique database of thousands of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR region Real Estate Agents so you can be confident we’ll uncover the best one for you.

Q. How do I start my Real Estate Agent search?

A. It is very easy. Just visit home page , then click on the one of the tab from Builder/Dealer/Owner then select appropriate options to find your agent in our site.


If you’d like to talk with them please don’t hesitate  call on +91 9810079909, or Mail by clicking here,

Q. What if I’ve already talked with an agent?

A. No problem. Many homeowners turn to us out of frustration with their search, or just to double-check they’re choosing the right agent before signing. Before we approach any agents for you, we’ll ask if there are any that you’d like excluded from the process.


Before you engage an agent, see if we can find you a better one. You’re under no obligation to use any quotes we send you.

Q. How long will it take to hear from agents?

A. On average, you’ll receive six quotes within two working days. If you’ve chosen to receive calls, this should happen within 24 hours.

Q. What if I have any questions?

A. Our team would love to hear from you on +91 9810079909. You will find our contact details here.